Partnering with Zoined

ZOINED® Retail Analytics service provides PoS vendors an easy way to integrate the data from their systems to a readymade analytics service package. This enables them to provide their customers new ways to increase revenue and cut costs with smarter decisions and actions e.g. in the areas of assortment, cross-sell and staff performance optimization.

Retail analytics out-of-the-box is what retailers are expecting nowadays from their PoS vendors. In the past, basic reporting capabilities offered by PoS systems themselves were often enough for business monitoring needs. Now the expectation from the retailer is to get easy to use visual tools in use and relevant information automatically distributed to all stakeholders. This would include a high level view of the business for the top management, store specific insights for store managers and product/category level sales information for key suppliers.

It is easy to integrate data from a PoS system by using the Zoined API. The process typically takes just a few days as the basic sales, inventory and product data is integrated to Zoined by using a modern REST API that can handle both large initial history data loads as well as regular frequent incremental data updates. Please check out the API documentation for more details.

The API is not limited to only handling PoS data but can be used to integrate also other important data sources such as employee time and attendance and visitor counting systems’ data to enable analysis of more advanced metrics such as “sales per working hour” or “conversion rate” from visitors to buying customers. Please contact to get a free API access token to try out the API and the resulting automatically generated complete retail data analytics service.

Zoined partnership makes it easy for a PoS vendor to resell the Zoined service and offer more value to existing and new customers with best practice retail SaaS analytics. Please contact for more information about becoming a Zoined partner. A demo setup of the service can be accessed from the "Try Demo" button in the navigation menu.

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