Customer stories

Aarno Pohtola

CEO, Finland and Baltics, The Body Shop
Every day I get a full view of the performance status in the whole chain with the fast and visual reports from ZOINED® Retail Analytics.

We use the service to decrease the amount of manual work needed in reporting to franchisor, chain and individual stores. The Body Shop has managed to increase sales in Finland while the market situation has been extremely challenging and most retailers have been reporting considerable decrease in sales.

The key tool behind our success has been ZOINED® Retail Analytics service. It has helped us to react quickly to changes in the market and to split our goals to very concrete level in the stores. As a chain management tool Zoined has proved to be invaluable.

Lars Lönnqvist

CEO, GANT Stores, Finland
The core benefits of Zoined are the ease of use and clarity of the service.

Excel’s endless sheets are replaced by a browser based software and automatic email reports which both are always available. In addition, the data is easy to filter by your own needs. We are constantly developing our operations and training our store managers to take advantage of the reports and the portal.

Now the store managers can follow their sales on a daily basis with just one look and compare their business against other stores. A little competition increases the motivation of the sales people. I check the daily reports quickly even on weekends and in the portal I follow the daily sales and margins on chain and store level.

Henrik Johansson

Finance Director, Children's Day Foundation
Because the service brings transparency, Zoined also helps to motivate our employees and to make them more committed.

I wanted to develop our internal accounting and especially the follow-up and analysis on the sales. I surveyed also other analytics tools in the market but quite fast I noticed that Zoined responded to our needs best.

Also the kiosks and cafes of Linnanmäki use the service a lot. They follow particularly the hourly sales, which helps planning the shifts.The ticket sale follows the sales also on sales person level, and they even organized a sales competition for a specific product, which clearly improved in sales!

Sami Lepistö

Project Manager, Lepistö-Group Oy
Zoined very quickly proved that it was possible to run an integration project in days and the ease of deployment was effortless.

The company is making better decisions now with Zoined. It’s so easy to ask a question about business performance, and quick to get the data back to answer it, that we use it numerous times throughout the day. Earlier the reporting took a lot of time, but now we get the reports in seconds, so we save a lot of time and can make decisions that will make a difference.

We have opened up Zoined to the wider company and it is now an indispensible tool in our business. We give our employees meaningful information that they can easily read – no more spreadsheets, instead data visualised with charts they can quickly understand. Each user can easily modify their reports with the metrics they want and need every morning, and there’s no cost for extra users. We can now be more competitive and react to customers and the market more effectively.

Petri Kaskinen

CEO, Vehmaan PK-Puu Oy
Thanks to the Zoined analytics portal we know how to assign our resources to the right products and customers, and even better: at the right time.

With Zoined service creating reports and monitoring of different stores has gotten much easier. The saved time from creating reports is significant. A quick glance at the daily email report gives me a great overview of how much and what was sold yesterday.

Collecting and comparing the data from multiple stores is easy with the versatile reports available. The service is easy to use and fits perfectly for hardware stores needs.

Cihan Kranda

Owner and founder, E-life
Before we brought Zoined on board, it was not possible to keep track of what is happening in all of the stores at all times. We recognised we needed a proven reporting tool.

The e-cigarette market is rapidly changing as new trends come in and Zoined allows management to quickly identify what is selling well and make sure stock is managed appropriately, based on reliable data. The data is available on mobiles and tablets ensuring E-life’s management can access the information they need even when they are out on the road and travelling between stores.

Sanna Tiitinen

Store Owner, Intersport
I have improved management of my time significantly after taking ZOINED® Analytics into use

Early in the morning I get a great overview of yesterday's sales. The reports are clear and easy to comprehend. Most of all I appreciate the quick response time of the service and ability to check the reports anywhere via my phone. I am no longer tied to the office pc when I need information.

ZOINED® Analytics offers our key personnel detailed information to support sourcing and sales on both product and sales person level.

Petri Pellonmaa

CFO, Finlayson
We loved how easy it was to get started, and use. The impact was almost instant. The visual representation of data has transformed the way our people work.

The buying teams can see what collections, lines and items to keep and which to discontinue, which sales campaigns are working, and for the first time store managers can run a report that is easy to understand whenever they want.

We’ve also become much better at forecasting and we are more reactive to sales trends. It’s crucial in our business that we understand what is happening today so we can plan for tomorrow. Now with Zoined we have complete visibility of our performance and can access very detailed data quickly, so we make the best plans for our company. It’s transformed how we work and how we will work in the future.

Olle Knuus

Buyer, Anton & Anton
ZOINED® Retail Analytics service helps us plan our coming seasons better.
For some products we have managed to increase our net margins by more than 30% by minimizing waste and lost sales. Reporting automatization saves us approximately 5h per month per store because we don’t need to do manual consolidation in Excel anymore.

Chain Manager, Aschan Coffee & Deli
With ZOINED® Analytics service we can more efficiently plan the future.
We can monitor sales, average purchase and product group development in our cafes, and compare the numbers with last year. Using hourly pressure metrics we can staff a cafe with the right number of employees at the right time, and we have made savings on personnel costs.

Jarmo Nevari

CEO, Hifi Studio
The service brings a lot of value to the personnel of our whole chain as users get personal targeted email reports automatically delivered to them every day.

As soon as we decided to take Zoined service into use, we just planned carefully why and how we are going to use the service and right after that it was already in daily use. Now everyone from our staff knows their own store’s detailed performance also in comparison with other stores around Finland. We use the main metrics of Zoined service daily, which helps us to monitor and improve our customer service among other things.

Wim Pel

Financial Manager, Café Loetje
Zoined makes me happy. I open the daily email in my apartment lift in the morning, and by the time I get to my car I already know how my restaurants have performed.

To be successful and manage operations properly you need to know what is happening in every restaurant all the time. That’s not easy to do from a central office, but with Zoined, any one of our business or restaurant managers can get this insight in a heartbeat.

As a business owner, flexibility is important. The reports we use today might not be sufficient for tomorrow. This is where Zoined is very strong, as we can easily set up the reports to show us the details we need to run our business more efficiently and monitor the changes we make as a result of the insight Zoined provides. The powerful thing about Zoined is, that it makes interpreting complex numerical information really straightforward so anyone in our business can use it and make changes and improvement with confidence.

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