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What our customers say about us.

With the help of Zoined, sales staff can follow a clear guideline, find out their ranking amongst their peers and focus their efforts on making progress, which keeps them very motivated. This transparency has motivated staff to drive a 16% increase in customer conversion to sale.“

Sophie Cole

Senior Merchandiser, The Molton Brown
With Zoined I can quickly take a look on store specific sales and comment and react very fast if needed. I can go from high level to specifics and the service responds in a second.”

Maarit Kuisma

Area Manager, The Body Shop
I have improved management of my time significantly after taking Zoined Analytics into use. Most of all I appreciate the quick response time of the service and ability to check the reports anywhere via my phone.”

Sanna Tiitinen

Store Owner, Intersport
The core benefits of Zoined are the ease of use and clarity of the service. Excel’s endless sheets are replaced by a browser based software and automatic email reports which both are always available. In addition, the data is easy to filter by your own needs”

Lars Lönnqvist

CEO, Pro Fashion (Gant import & retail)
Stores can use Zoined to improve how products are being displayed and what are the placements for different brands. Of course Zoined is used to follow sales and inventories and, for example, in understanding when certain products are selling well.”

Joonas Kekäle

CEO, Kekäle
We have achieved great financial results by focusing and optimizing our assortment with help of Zoined analytics. Now recently with one bigger brand especially we have had really good results because the stores are more focused to work with them.”

Lennart Bäck

CEO, Klockmaster
We can now easily monitor the business from chain level to merchant level and down to the store level and can quickly see which products and price categories are performing well in each store and can plan purchasing ever more accurately.”

Sami Koskinen

CEO, Timanttiset cooperative
Now everyone from our staff knows their own store’s detailed performance also in comparison with other stores around Finland. The service brings a lot of value to the personnel of our whole chain as users get personal targeted email reports automatically delivered to them every day.”

Jarmo Nevari

CEO, Hifistudio
We have different hot spots in the stores. For example, the place where the customer makes the first stop and where she looks at, that’s a big hot spot where we should place certain products. Zoined has been a great tool for us in planning these. We use it to support A/B testing for campaigns as well.”

Fredrik Eklund

Area Manager, Gateau
Data visualisation helps to grasp things quickly. It is incredibly easy and fast to, for example, monitor our Like-for-Like sales during lunch hours and understand trends taking place in our different coffee shop segments.”

Henrik Johansson

Group CFO, Picnic
Zoined Analytics helps us to better plan our coming seasons and for many products we have been able to increase our net margins by up to 30% by minimising waste and lost sales.“

Olle Knuus

Buyer, Anton & Anton
Tremendous amounts of time have been saved by removing the need to manually create reports in tools such as Excel, at least 3-4 hours weekly. Time-saving alone saves us more than Zoined subscription fee. Nonetheless, Zoined provides more benefit than just that. With Zoined, you don’t have to do too much to get the result, it is a turn-key product."

Q Doh Pae

President, Korna Pet
Our management team has easy access to our KPIs and they are visually presented in Zoined in a way that enables more detailed versatile analysis in an attractive user interface. We have been very pleased with the Zoined team with their customer-centric flexible way of working with us.“

Antti Rönkkö

CEO, Nanso Group Oy
Zoined is a clear and straightforward tool that makes the daily follow-up of coffee shop sales very easy. With access to Zoined, all employees can see how sales develop and how they are split between different product categories.“

Saija Ojala

coffee shop manager, Ciao! caffé


Improve profitability and save time.

Boost your business performance

With automatic email reports and browser based portal you can track your business anytime and anywhere, also on mobile devices.

Share the right information to the right people

Get the valuable insights from your business delivered to the different people in different roles and improve the quality of the daily decisions they make.


How do you benefit?

Reduce the time spent on creating and interpreting your reports.
Typical time saved is 5h / store / month.

Boost sales organization

Share actionable insights in your organization to boost the performance. Internal visibility and competition between stores increase sales by up to 15%

Target marketing

Understand your customer behavior and interests better. More relevant marketing increases campaign conversion rates by up to 100%

Forecast demand

Forecast demand more accurately and optimize inventory levels. Sophisticated forecasts help reduce stock levels by up to 20%

Increase cross-sell

Plan your assortment for increased cross-sell and up-sell. More efficient assortment and increased cross-sell lead to up to 15% increase in sales


Get business headlines at a glance.
Online. Anywhere.

Get actionable insights for your business and select your preferred time frames to report on. Filter and group your data easily and create custom views, grasp trends quickly with charts and graphs.


Unveil the value in your data.
Effortlessly. Elegantly.

Benefit from various best practise analysis views and identify areas to improve.





Email reports

Stay informed. Stay up to date.

Receive performance information in visual format. Select from daily, weekly and monthly updates and create custom views to get insights from store, staff, supplier and product performance.


How does ZOINED® work?

The service is ready to be plugged in to your Point-of-Sale (PoS), web store or ERP right away.
No IT project required.


Sales, inventory and other data is automatically extracted from the merchant's PoS or other systems.

Analyse & Forecast

Data is uploaded to Zoined's cloud infrastructure. Zoined's analytical algorithms search for trends and insights in the data and create forecasts on multiple levels.

Get Insights & Foresights

The insights and foresights become available in automatic email reports and in a full featured web application that works on desktop and mobile.

Join the hundreds of merchants who have already increased their revenue.

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